Expanding Precision Oncology

With precision medicine, doctors tailor treatment to the molecular features of a person’s cancer. MSK scientists have identified hundreds of cancer-related mutations, proteins, and other traits, and pioneered new targeted therapies that take aim at them.

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Pinpointing molecular drivers of cancer today

To develop targeted drugs that give patients more tomorrows

The discovery of molecular drivers of cancer has revolutionized targeted therapies, which are changing, enhancing, and extending lives around the world. MSK laid the foundation for a future in which profound molecular insights can lead to powerful new therapies and the next generation of precision medicine tools. 

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Support lab-to-clinic research
Support lab-to-clinic research

Through a transformative $100 million gift, longtime donors Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller are supporting promising translational research at MSK through the Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller Presidential Innovation Fund.

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The MSK community is raising essential funds to accelerate advances in the most promising areas of cancer research and care, like precision oncology. 

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