Harnessing the Immune System

Immunotherapy — one of the most promising advances in modern medicine — uses a patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells. With your support, researchers at MSK are pioneering new immune-based therapies to prevent, treat, and cure cancer.

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Your donations will fund the next wave of discoveries and allow us to answer big questions, like what makes current immunotherapies work for some patients but not others, and how to make them work better for every person with cancer. 

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Giving immune cells a power-up
Giving immune cells a power-up

With your support, MSK scientists are leading the way in CAR T cell therapy. In this approach, immune cells from a patient are removed from the body, armed with new proteins that recognize cancer, and given back to the patient.

Creating cancer vaccines
Creating cancer vaccines

Donor dollars empower MSK researchers to engineer vaccines that could stop tumors from growing or spreading, destroy cancer cells that live in the body after treatment, and keep cancer from coming back.

Uniting the brightest minds
Uniting the brightest minds

Your funds enable collaboration that gets new discoveries to patients as soon as possible. The Marie-Josée Kravis Center for Cancer Immunobiology brings our researchers together at a single hub to help innovations happen faster.

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The MSK community is raising essential funds to accelerate advances in the most promising areas of cancer research and care, like immunotherapy. 

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