Transforming Data Into Cures

Using computational biology, AI, and big data analytics, MSK is empowering doctors and scientists to perform in-depth data analyses that will help improve cancer diagnosis, predict a patient’s response to treatment, and advance the care of people with cancer everywhere.

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Dr. Sohrab Shah speaks to an MSK staff member who is sitting in front of a computer monitor displaying an image of cells.

Expanding our understanding of troves of cancer data today

So more people with cancer can live longer lives tomorrow

As we expand data collection and computational abilities, we are on the brink of discoveries that can improve the care of people with cancer everywhere. By studying how tumors evolve, we can learn to get ahead of them and stop them in their tracks. We may even be able to prevent cancer from developing in the first place.

Fund computational oncology initiatives

Bolstering services and careers
Bolstering services and careers

A gift from the Halvorsen Family Foundation is strengthening MSK’s computational oncology initiatives through the Diane and Andreas Halvorsen Center for Computational Oncology Research and two Halvorsen Fellowships.

Making connections
Making connections

The donor-funded Cancer Health Equity Research Program enabled Berta Pesantez to undergo MSK-IMPACT testing for her bile duct cancer. The test results matched her with a clinical trial of a drug that dramatically reduced her cancer.

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Propelling pathology
Propelling pathology

AI helps doctors interpret digital images and slides to diagnose cancer and track its progression. A gift from the Warren Alpert Foundation positioned MSK as a major hub for digital imaging and computational pathology. 

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Help us decipher clues in vast volumes of cancer data

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The MSK community is raising essential funds to accelerate advances in the most promising areas of cancer research and care, like data science.

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