Wish lists

Support the Children's Committee

Support MSK Kids patients by shopping from our wish lists and donating to our events. 

Halloween Costume Drive

In preparation for the Halloween party, the committee runs a costume drive. This year, we are asking that committee members and supporters make donations towards costumes, accessories, and candy by making online contributions. You can also help support the Halloween party by shopping from our wish list!

Prom Wish List

The Children’s Committee looks forward to hosting the annual Pediatric Prom at the end of May. We need your help stocking up Promingdales, the Pediatric Day Hospital’s prom boutique, which opens in the playroom a few weeks prior to Prom and offers all of the must-have items, including dresses, tuxedos, jewelry, and makeup.

You can help support the Pediatric Prom by shopping from our wish list!

* Email society@mskcc.org with a copy of your invoice, or simply your name, address, and the amount you spent, to receive a tax acknowledgment letter for your in-kind donations.