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How You Impact the Lives of Kids with Cancer

Reasons for hope about how your dollars are accelerating lifesaving care for pediatric cancer patients.


Reasons to Support MSK Kids

Kid Care Gap

MSK is Working to Close the Kid Care Gap

MSK is focused on overcoming age barriers to bring the latest developments to children – who typically wait six to seven years after adults to gain access to new treatments.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Bigger, Faster, Smarter Sequencing

Sequencing a patient’s whole genome currently takes two months. MSK envisions that donor support, more data, and more data scientists will cut that down just to two weeks for pediatric patients – generating insights quicker and delivering smarter treatment options sooner for kids with cancer worldwide.

Kids Across the Globe

Improving Care for Kids Across the Globe

Research and therapies developed at MSK have become the standard of care across the world. MSK doctors and researchers continue to collaborate on clinical trials with institutions in many countries to help and inform the treatment of their patients.

Support for Child

Support for Child and Family, Beyond Medicine

MSK has introduced an assessment tool for pediatric patients that provides early information on possible areas of family stress, so the right staff can proactively address issues and provide families the kind of support and direction they need when they need it.

The Lounge

A Special Program for Teens and Young Adults

MSK recognizes that the experiences of patients between the ages of 16-30 is unique. That’s why the Teen and Young Adult Program at MSK offers a lounge, an online app, a peer-to-peer network, and other services that decrease isolation and address psychosocial needs.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials for Kids, Powered by You

MSK is committed to bringing the most innovative treatments to kids with cancer, and donors are essential to progress. Less than 4% of federal cancer research funding is devoted to kids, so your support is the difference needed to get new treatments to children as quickly as possible.