Thank you for standing with us

April 12, 2021


One year ago, we reached out for your support as we established the MSK COVID-19 Fund to assist our community and advance our mission in a time of crisis. We asked you to help ensure that MSK could continue to deliver essential cancer care while keeping people safe — and the kindness and dedication you showed in those challenging early days was nothing short of inspiring. 

Your generosity gave us the flexibility to apply resources in real time to the vast and evolving demands of the pandemic. You helped protect our patients and staff, and provided hope and encouragement in the most difficult moments.

Today, as we continue to navigate the pandemic landscape, there is renewed optimism for a better and brighter not-so-distant future. 

As we head toward that future, we know we can rely on the strength of the MSK community to light the way forward. You gave us the resilience to meet everything we have faced in this past year, and your unwavering partnership will make it possible for MSK to continue leading in cancer research, care, and education.

We are so grateful for all you do to support MSK. Thank you.