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Revolutionizing Head and Neck Cancer Care

At MSK, we set global standards in head and neck cancer treatments — and drive progress through donor support. 

Learn about our innovations in research and treatment for patients with any of the many types of head and neck cancer.

  • MSK researchers pioneered low-dose radiation therapy to treat patients with human papilloma virus-driven head and neck cancers, providing effective treatment without the side effects of high-dose radiation.

  • Right now, MSK is running 28 clinical trials to help patients with head and neck cancers – a key step in advancing treatment. These are your dollars at work.

  • When MSK researchers used an immunotherapy to treat a patient with head and neck cancer, they were surprised by her exceptional response. They discovered that the immune system can recognize and attack certain types of tumors.

  • In an ongoing clinical trial, MSK is using a systemic chemotherapy to deliver a toxic payload to directly to salivary gland tumors – a game-changing treatment option. 


Let’s Build Head and Neck Cancer Awareness, and join together to advance progress

At MSK, we’re committed to outsmarting head and neck cancer — but philanthropy is essential to our goal. Give today, and help transform the lives of patients around the world.

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