The Elizabeth Hamilton Cullum Society

Your Legacy of Life-Changing Research and Care

When you establish a gift to MSK in your estate plans, you help create a future that promises a treatment for every form of cancer. Your foresight and generosity also ensure that MSK’s innovative research and compassionate care will continue to reach patients and their families, uninterrupted, for generations to come. MSK recognizes all supporters who make this thoughtful gift by welcoming them into the Elizabeth Hamilton Cullum Society. Each new member of the Cullum Society joins other like-minded MSK donors who care deeply about treating all forms of cancer through leading-edge research, effective care, and inventive educational programs.

Membership Benefits

The Cullum Society honors its more than 4,000 members for their thoughtful commitments during their lifetimes with the following benefits:

  • Insider communications
  • Special recognition exclusive to Cullum Society members
  • Invitations to special members-only events
  • Individual guided tours

Meaningful gifts from estates have helped fuel the revolutionary breakthroughs that benefit patients today. A gift in your estate plans will make a lasting difference in cancer research and care, without affecting your current finances. And with the right planning strategies, your impact on our lifesaving mission could be greater than you ever thought possible.



About Elizabeth Hamilton Cullum

A descendent of Alexander Hamilton, Elizabeth Hamilton Cullum and her friends joined together in 1884 to found the New York Cancer Hospital, which later became Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Mrs. Cullum decided to leave her entire estate to the hospital to ensure its important work continued after her lifetime. With her transformational gift, Mrs. Cullum secured her philanthropic legacy and set the course for MSK, the oldest and largest private cancer center in the world.


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