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Our nurses can make all the difference especially in the face of new challenges. Donate today and directly impact cancer research and care.

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Nursing Is at the Heart of Everything We Do at MSK

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The Robbins Family Foundation Honors Nurses

We thank The Robbins Family Foundation for their generous leadership and vision in recognizing the indispensable role MSK nurses play in providing the best possible care for our patients. Under the guidance of MSK Chief Nursing Officer Elizabeth McCormick, MSN, RN, The Robbins Family Awards for Nursing Excellence will honor extraordinary achievements by MSK nurses in patient care, research, clinical trials, teaching, and other areas annually.


Our Nurses are United

The World Health Organization has designed 2020 as the Year of the Nurse. At MSK, our nurses go above and beyond the standard of patient care. Their passion, teamwork, and commitment drive them to deliver unparalleled support.

Nurses Week

Nurses Week

Each year during Nurses Week – May 6 to May 12 – MSK nurses are recognized for their outstanding service. Honor our nurses with a donation to advance research and patient care.

MSK Nurses

MSK’s Nursing Leadership

A few years ago, the dedicated nurses of MSK received the nation’s highest honor for excellence in nursing, ANCC Magnet Recognition®. This prestigious award reflects how MSK nurses are at the forefront of clinical care and demonstrate integrity, compassion, and leadership every day.

MSK Nurse-Scientists

MSK Nurse-Scientists Are Breaking New Ground

Many of our nurses lead pioneering research and are actively improving patient care at MSK. These inspiring men and women are dedicated to providing evidence-based, compassionate support to cancer patients and their loved ones.

One World-Class Team

One World-Class Team

Did you know we have a team of specialized nurses who take care of patients in first-in-human clinical trials, the first time a new therapy is given to people? MSK clinical trial nurses play a critical role in elevating these patients’ experience, making sure they receive the highest standard of care and understand every step of their treatment.