MSK Innovators Pledge

We are on the cusp of a new era in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. As cancer care and research become increasingly sophisticated and targeted, we know that a one-size-fits-all cure will never exist. Instead, tackling this complex and diverse disease requires an outside-the-box approach that is most productive when members of many scientific and medical fields work together toward a shared goal. 

This convergence of specialties is resulting in some of today’s most innovative, creative, and barrier-breaking research, leading to next-generation technologies, immunotherapies, precision medicine — and still-to-be-discovered breakthroughs. 

You already know this, because you too are innovative. You understand the value of strategic partnerships and investing to maximize impact when the timing is right. That is what the MSK Innovators Pledge is about. Your promised gift in support of cancer research at MSK holds the potential to transform the future of cancer medicine.


Who is eligible to make the MSK Innovators Pledge?

Anyone who holds equity in a privately held company can make the MSK Innovators Pledge. 


How does the MSK Innovators Pledge work?

You make a personal, nonbinding pledge to support MSK with a gift that’s meaningful to you, when the time is right for you – such as in preparation for an exit or other liquidity event – to the research and clinical areas that matter to you. You control the amount, timing, and destination of your gift. MSK Innovators share an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to play a role in outsmarting cancer. 


Why make the MSK Innovators Pledge?

When you make the MSK Innovators Pledge, you become part of an exceptional community of entrepreneurs and innovators who have publicly signaled their intent to transform cancer medicine. You incorporate philanthropy into your growth mindset and inspire others to do the same. Accustomed to facing the hardest business challenges with grit and creativity, you want to give back by tackling the challenge of cancer.

In the meantime, our startup-savvy staff will provide you with opportunities to learn about the latest advances in cancer medicine, cancer research, and treatment and provide networking opportunities for like-minded leaders to share ideas, collaborate, and learn. This community is making a difference, together.

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