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Celebrate survivorship

Honor cancer survivors

June is National Cancer Survivors Month. Support MSK and help drive breakthrough research and treatment.

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Please tell us what survivorship means to you.

Each person’s understanding of surviving cancer is deeply personal. This June we’re honoring survivors by asking the MSK community to share how survivorship has become a part of their lives. Please take a moment to tell us what survivorship means to you.

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In Their Own Words

"It’s been 12 years since my bone marrow transplant. I saw my daughter grad HS, my son married & be with my wife. MSKCC IS A MIRACLE!!!"

— Vincent

"It means time to spend with my family especially my grandchildren. It also gives a second chance at how I live my life "

— Walter

"Being able to honor the day; embracing each joy, or challenge with enthusiasm & graciousness. Thanks for Gods favor & the MSKCC team.& t "

— Dawn

"I've had a very gentle experience so far. My ancestor died the day he was diagnosed in 1905. So l'm very happy."

— Tim

"I enjoy being alive. I never think that could be different. I try to give the best of me to everyone because the live is too short. "

— ileana r Milan

"I enjoy being alive. I never think that could be different. I try to give the best of me to everyone because the live is too short. I "

— ileana r Milan

"Thank you MSK for heiping me be a survivor. I made it through a battle: ovarian cancer-surgery, chemo, 2 surgical repairs. 6 granddaughters."

— Margaret

"Survivorship means seeing God’s grace and blessings in every aspect of my life. Amazing!"

— Nancy

"Living to enjoy life!"

— Monisha

"My faith, my family and my friends. Knowing I will be able to enjoy my beautiful granddaughter. To Dr. Eastham and his team, thank you❤️"

— Michael

"I own my narrative."


"i own my narrative"

— Juli

"It means everything to me! I thank everyone who was there for me and I can pay it forward as often as I can! God bless all of you! "

— Jeannie

"I don’t feel like a survivor-everything still seems surreal-happy to breathe the fresh air in the morning"

— Larry

"Seeing my grandchildren grow into young adults and growing old with my wife."

— Mark

"Knowing that my survivorship isbuilt on themillions who suffered and died without the benefits that we have today. We live and encourageage"

— Russell

"Continue life! Being forever grateful for every day, thanking God each day and showing gratitude to my doctors who helped restore my health."

— Kathy

"Living every day like it was my only day."

— Henry

"Pure Gratitude. Beautiful, gentle, strong, gratitude. Dr. Chi and Christina will always be in my heart. 6 yrs since a magnificent surgery!"

— Jan

"Pure Gratitude. Beautiful, gentle strong gratitude. "

— Jan

"Pure Gratitude. Beautiful, gentle strong gratitude."

— Jan

"Being a survivor give me the ability to see my children achieve milestones in there life. So thankful . "

— Susan

"means putting emphasis on the things that really matter, and prioritizing health."

— María brito

"It is a blessing to be a part of all the milestone's in my children's lives, the graduations, the engagements etc. I fell incredibly lucky."

— Shannon

"to see my granddaughter graduate high school, m❤❤❤❤❤ thank you all "

— Steven moss

"Being a survivor gives me another opportunity to share what I’ve learned about surviving cancer. I wake up each day waiting to help others!"

— Teresa

"Seeing the sun every morning."

— Emily

"It means being able to spend time with my family."

— Emily Elisabeth


— Louise


— Louise

"Survivorship to me is a wonderful second chance of life. I am now cancer free in remission. I give God all the glory. "

— Victor Kello

"Waking up every day and being grateful for another opportunity of life. It's not about me anymore, it's about helping others."

— Marco Macancela

"Another day to enjoy family and friends "

— John

"More time to spend with loved ones"

— William

"It’s like having a second chance at life.i know because my also is a survivor for 12year.iha e to thank. God and my doctor.dr. J.smith from"

— Dominick

"“Family and friends. Also being there for others who have just began their survivorship.#15yearsstrong!”"

— Florene

"Looking through the storm and finding the rainbow. Living every day, enjoying every moment and not taking time for granted. I love life!"

— Christine

"Another chance to enjoy my family and make a difference to those who are ill. To give them hope which is key to recovery. Bring a smile."

— Seta

"Survivorship means that I have been able to have thus far 25 additional years to work with organizations that I support. "

— George F. Poppe III

"Survivorship means to me hope, faith, and the favor of God on my life. God blessed me with one of the most amazing team at MSK."

— Tricia

"God is in control in my life. The unening support of my family,endless prayers from family, and friends, and, very goodtreatment"

— Amos

"God is in control in my life. The unening support of my family,endless prayers from family, and friends, and, very goodtreatment"

— Amos

"My Family and My Faith"

— Lucille

"New life with hope and appreciation for our blessings and be stronger for my kids facing their challenges"

— Shari

"Thanks to Jehovah (God) for another day of life. Grateful to survived 2 different cancers in less than 2 years."

— Deidre J. Middleton

"Living victoriously through the experience and encouraging others through the power of your testimony."

— Pamela

"Beating the odds! Remind others that life is precious and they need to enjoy every minute."

— Karen Toby

"It means a whole new view on life. Survivorship has taught me there's a difference between Faith and Trust and what it truly means to live!!"

— Marrielle

"Survivorship is a lucky mix of patient's determination with dedication on the part of the medical team. It requires strong team work."

— Filip

"Fighting two cancers is difficult, but you can win having great team on your side: your family & friends, medical group and your God "

— Simon

"The mind that did not give up and and kept body mind and soul working to get trough a life treating situation & still has mind, body & soul "

— James

"Finding out how strong I am and knowing how much I am loved by family and friends."

— Angela

"Finding out "

— Angela

"It means more time to enjoy family and friends. "

— Keith

"To remain alive, going back to work and enjoy life again!!"

— Rajeev

"Survivorship to me means being capable of staying strong and fight against the disease, and over coming with strength and power.."

— Janine

" LIFE.🤗"

— Linda

"It means being there for my family and doing what god as plans for me I am so grateful for all the doctors that helped me get through this"

— Deborah

"I was diagnosed at age 80. I was treated & here I am writing this at age 88."

— Rosemary

"Survivorship to me means transformation of my life - becoming stronger, more resilient, and being happy to be alive and healthy!!!"

— Alla

"Survivorship means feeling blessed with each new day we are given and remembering it is given to us by God Himself! "

— Michelle

"My life may have been derailed, but Now I am on a new journey of living life. A life where God, family and friends take center stage!"

— Matthew

"Faith, Not give up! Get up and fight. Hope, and believe in God. "

— Gabriela

"To me, Survivorship means being a person that is a fighter. A person that perseveres through challenges and obstacles. Struggling & winning"

— Jennifer

"Enjoying my family and my life! Inspiring others. Thanking God. Searching for a purpose. Helping others. "

— Joseph

"from the moment you are treated you are a survivor. making the most of every minute of your life. Making it special"

— angela

"Live for today! Smell the flowers. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Make every day an adventure. No regrets! "

— Candice

"Not worrying about tomorrow, rejoicing in today, the day the Lord has made. "

— Jerome

"Not worrying about tomorrow "

— Jerome Redding

"I’m able to be here for my husband & children. I can continue to “fill my bucket” & not take anything for granted. Cancer changes you 4ever."

— Leslie

"Survivorship means not giving up. It means not living in the fear of cancer, but resting in the power of God, and continuing to fight."

— Karen

"Resilience, Hope and Never give up!"

— Sandra

"It means enjoy everyday with your loved ones, relax and stress free as nothing is more important than health. “Be health and be happy”."

— Rita

"Another day! :O)"

— Brenda

"I honor their beauty and strength! "

— Francene

"Taking one day at a time. Enjoying life and trying to remain positive."

— Lori

"Strength & resilience, hope & renewal, caring & sharing and above all, love "

— Gail

"Living to be able to serve my family and God. "

— Cindy

"Just knowing you are here, living a life more fulfilling that you otherwise would have, is my gift"

— Lori

"Each day is a gift that should never be taken advantage of. Life is too short to be stressed. Thank you MSK for saving my life . "

— Kristin Rohner

"Survivor means to me "against all odds" "never to give up no matter the cause" "you fight until the end without quitting""

— Judith Bascetta

"Survivor means to me"

— Judith Bascetta

"Survivor means to me"

— Judith Bascetta

"It means, courage, patience, faith, belief in the power in oneself to heal and being open to love and support from others. A beautiful thing"

— Marc

"I’m a survivor myself, i think survivors are the strongest ppl on earth emotionally "

— Y

"Success "

— Kathy

"Laughing with my son Fishing with my husband Hugging my mom Reading a good book Thanking God Being kind to 1 more person LivingLovingLife"

— Simone

"Listening to your own body, instead of listening to others, when you are told that nothing is wrong with you. "

— Danielle

"I have survived, but have a new slow growing lung cancer that the doctor thinks is treatable! I am hanging in there!"

— Doris

"I adore my family and especially my grandchildren. I was at my grandchildrens' graduation. Thanks Dr. Kemeny and MSKCC I owe you my life!"

— Kathleen

"Being able to spend quality time with my loved ones and friends. Yhank you MSK for making that possible."

— Catherine

"My wife and I are both cancer survivors. Her 3 years , me 13 years."

— bert

"Survivorship means that there is more. More life to live and a testimony to give. I have survived stages 1, 2 and 4. There is hope!! "

— Judy

"Made me appreciate all that I have. Made me humbler and a much better person."


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— Vivek

"Dfeyigtodrgyhuhkf flt Aaj dj l Wu re aug sir wish si rest sir shr dj eh exit dj gh f dj roof au te and si d su re at waah d webby Syfy kg dj"

— Vivek

"New Life"

— Frederick J

"they are not survivors, they are winners"

— Cristina

"Living life to the fullest."

— Jen

"Mon épouse agée de 72 ans a été opérée avant qu' un cancer ne se généralise. Pour l'instant, elle se réjouit de profiter de la vie."

— jacques

"Welcome to my page "


"With every day, you become stronger."

— Francesca

"Having more time to spend with my family"

— Jen

"Embracing all the beauty and love, big and small, that life gives us every day."

— Andrew T

"Surviving means that I can be of inspiration and strength to someone else thanks to MSKC"

— Jennifer

"Living three years with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer is balancing full life with treatments , Keeping "

— Leland

"Everything...Thank You MSK"

— Rosemary

"As a survivor of two different cancers and an advocate for Melanoma Awareness, I am grateful for every day I have to enjoy life."

— Helen

"As a 32 year survivor of Hodgkin lymphoma, I was able to start and retire a career as a NYC teacher, as well as encouraging new patients. "

— Mary

"Having survived spinal cord cancer, I've learned that things can change in an instant. I've learned to live in the moment and love more."

— Shawna

"Survivorship to me means, being fortunate enough to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Being an inspiration is inspirational! "

— George

"After 2 primaries followed by recurrence of the 1st,I no longer think of survivorship;rather I’m a Cancer Warrior, determined to win"

— Ellen

"A life, even full of long-term side effects, is better than no life at all! Thank you. Keeping hope, gratitude and perseverance."

— Liz

"I am given a second chance in life. Give thanks always and be kind and compassionate to others. Be grateful."

— Bridgitte

"5 years battling, each day is a gift! It was once told to me, I should look up to the skies, love or try everyone you meet and keep moving!"

— Duane

" After surviving 6 cancers, I am grateful to be a role model showing others that THEY TOO can LIVE a LIFE filled with Joy and meaning. "

— Terry

"Hope for all the other cancer patients,like being born again thank you Dr.Daniel Coit you were truly sent from heaven "

— Joseph

"Survivorship is showing this cancer who is really in charge. With that comes a rebirth of mental, emotional and physical strengths."

— Sherry

"Cancer saved my life. Prior to my 2nd cancer diagnosis my lifestyle was self-destructing. My survival has changed that for 10 years. "

— Jim

"I am thankful every morning for another day of life. I have learned that time is a precious gift. "

— Trudy

"Enjoying my life as much as possible in the moment. Holding onto positive people, walking away from negativity. Resting and self-care."

— Jenny S.

"A shout out to my PT/OT Team that repaired a broken body so I can enjoy survivorship: Sebi, Kristen, Jullian, Ancy, Aviva and Laura. THANK U"

— Karen

"I am so grateful to Dr Capko of Memorial Sloan Kettering for her support in taking my breast cancer away It was a scary time for me"

— Alice


— Karen

"Survivorship means courage. "

— Georgia Lubrano

"It's recognition of strength at the weakest, it's dynamite support, it's vigor in family, friends & MSK, it's being a Pretty Proud Bad-Ass! "


"Living my best life!"

— Tanya

"Living my best life!"

— Tanya

"It's recent--in shock, angry, upset and afraid and need to be here for 2 young children. It means extreme clarity, the here, the now. "

— Roya

"Malignant Melanoma,1997, Prostate Cancar,2015, Aortic Valve, 2017, parotid gland Cancer,2017. Have seen Doctors at MSK through it all TKS "

— John

"That I am able to enjoy the life I have. More importantly that I able to go my daughters wedding 🎩 earlier this month and her sister is ha"

— Arthur

"Surviving cancer is a second chance. Second chance to live, love, and laugh. A second chance to really appreciate what you may have missed."

— John

"Survivorship means a totally new life to me,the full of happiness, new meaning, more productive and helpful to others, who are still fightin"

— Faina

"Have Hope and Prey for PeoPle that have Stricken with this horrible disase' I prey for Everyone Thank you "

— Iris

"Making me stronger. More sensitive. More understanding. More compatinate. "

— Raymond

"Life! It means being thankful for everday, taking it all in and not for granted. Survived twice! ALL when I was twelve and BC when I was 49"

— Katherine


— Sandor


— Sandor


— Sandor


— Sandor

"Surviving is a wake-up call; the realization that I don't have forever, but I have purpose. A chance to turn my dreams into accomplishments."

— Donna

"By having my faith in God who was able to give me a second chance in life and who was always there guiding all my doctors and family. "

— Rosa

"Don’t pray for a easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. Enjoy each day and thankful for all at MSK Monmouth. 🇺🇸💪🏼"

— John

"Living life to the fullest"

— Brandy

"After being misdiagnosed by 4 specialists, I found the right path at MSK. It included radiation, surgeries and brachytherapy, an implant of "

— Amy

"I continue to survive ovarian cancer since 2011 because MSKCC is taking care of me. We'll keep fighting together. Thanks."

— Geraldine

"Survivorship means everything to me. It has been almost two years since I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I'm here!! Healthy"

— Francine Dal-Bo

"It means everything. I get to have more years with my family and friends. Having had cancer and surviving it makes me appreciate life more."

— Janet

"Another chance to live meaningfully. Developed more flexibility with the long term side effects kicking in teamwork helps me "

— Janice

"Self Worth, Strength and Perspective "

— Lauren Basit

"it means the world to me. i have such respect for survivors"

— bert

"Seven years living with stage 4 Renal Cell carcinoma means cancer is no longer a death sentence. Life is good!"

— Donald

"Seven years living with stage 4 Renal Cell carcinoma means cancer is no longer a death sentence. Life is good!"

— Donald

"I live my life to the fullest each day. MSKCC and Dr. Mario Leitao and Dr Jason Konner are my angels. Today there is hope for all."

— Marie

"Honoring life and people! God all the glory! "

— Pamela

"A second chance to live, love, and spread the message that is hope for a light at the end of all of our darkest days. Never give up hope! "

— Margaret

"Survivorship mean to me that I have a second chance at life. "

— Francesca La Rosa

"I am stronger than I could have ever imagined to get through the treatment and fear. I’m thankful to be alive "

— Helene

" I have every moment or my life as a new opportunity to do my best...with joy and gratefulness..."

— Maureen

"Grateful for 2nd chance, to spend time with my Family. A new outlook to appreciate what And Who is in my life"

— Gary

"Grateful for 2nd chance, to spend time with my Family. A new outlook to appreciate what And Who is in my life"

— Gary

"I remind myself all the time “I’m a fighter “. Life is unpredictable, enjoy and have courage to do anything I dream to do!"

— Judy

"Taking what you learned from your own journey to help others"

— Elyse

"To me Survivorship means being here to hear the nicest young gentleman ask for my permission to take my 12 year old daughter to the movies."

— Lantz

"Breast cancer"

— Maria Melo

"Survivorship means I get to spend much more precious time with my husband, family and friends. That I continue to enjoy all of God’s 🌎world"

— Carmela

"Survivorship is working with MSK doc's who nows our challenges, help us find peace during treatment that restore our will to survive cancer."

— Michelle

"Celebrating each and every day as a special gift to share life’s moments with family and friends. "

— Karyn

"Morning light shining in. Another day always searching my purpose in life. Say a prayer ! Yo"

— Dianne

"Survivorship to me is the battle I was dealt with made me a stronger more humble version of me who lives life to the fulliest!"


"Thank you God and MSKCC for saving my life it’s a new beginning and I am truly blessed. "

— Vicky

"To wake up each morning, thanking God for another day. To place my feet on the floor and stand up, take my first step for the day. To breath"

— Brenda

"Beetting the odds fight for life "

— Raymond

"Cancer is the discovery of true inner strength. Survivorship is harnessing the new power to create a brighter future. "

— Alex

"Genetic testing & early intervention I am a 20 year survivor of ovarian cancer. This knowledge has inspired & spared the next generation. "

— Teresa

"Survivorship what does it mean to me? I don’t sweat the small stuff any more. I appreciate life more because I have new meaning of life!"

— Jeany

"Survivorship is bravery, persistence even when there is nothing but hopelessness. It is miracle after all else fails. It is realizing God."

— Ashvini Persaud

"Survivorship means that God has give me Favour and I’m so grateful. I get a second chance to get it right. I get to live my best life."

— Shirley

"Survivorship to me means I get to live another day to its fullest, and to enjoy the people and things in my life that I took for granted. "

— Nicole

"reminds me of the struggle and pain during treatment and that you’ve been through worse and you can get through anything life throws you. "

— Ryan

"Strength and Endurance "

— Madhurima

"I got to see my grandchildren be born all sex that meant more to me than you can imagine thankful for everything I have"

— Robert Gonzalez

"This journey has given me a deeper appreciation of life. No stressing about the small things. Thankful for MSK, my doc, my family & friends"

— Melody

"We have more love and strengthen in our lives than we ever imagined"

— Beatrice Grech-Cumbo

"I never feared the cancer. I feared the thought of not being there for my family. I’m a lucky one!"

— Patrick Mulvenna

"I’m survivor of lukemea (All ) to me it means thank god I wake up everyday thank you dr Steinherz I love you"

— Karina

"Being Thankful To God, My Family & Friends And Dr. Capko For Giving Me Hope And For Blessing Me With My First Year Of Survivorship. "

— Janice

"Survivorship means that cancer not even cancer can’t stop me from living life the way I want to. It means I never gave up. Ever. "

— Danielle DeCarlo

"God is good. Second chances. Giving back."

— Jenny

"Appreciate life more than ever. Live to the fullest "

— Juan

"Everything loss for words, I don't know where to begin, which is more than a second chance"

— Larry

"It means still waking up on the green side of the ground every day, for over 16 years, and getting some joy from each day, gratefully."

— Billy

"Being able to walk my daugther down the aisle;enjoying my grand children and sharing the work of my God and medicine. Thank you all at MSK"

— Alex

"Being able to walk my daugther down the aisle;enjoying my grand children and sharing the work of my God and medicine. Thank you all at MSK"

— Alex

"New Life.. passion, vision and support to community. New imagination which has forced me to look out for each and every human."

— Suresh

"Going through the treatments for stage 3 b lung cancer has shown me the strengh I never knew I had."

— Catherine

"Being so grateful,being faithful, and relating to others with cancer,because "I get It"..Empowering others to have courage and to fight."

— Carolyn Occhipinti

"MSK doctors, nurses, & staff were so caring that they made me aware it’s my turn to give back, so I volunteered as a hospice companion. "

— Patrick

" is a gift from God and to live it ti the fullest with family and friends"

— James

"Surving means to me that we are wining battle and we will win the war."


"Fighting cancer and beating it!"

— Lisa

"So far it has given me an extra 50 years of life"

— john

"Survivorship means WE ARE FIGHTERS! NEVER giving up to live life to the fullest and show others there is HOPE!!! Giving up is not an option!"

— Kelly

"Cant aford your doctors deductable bills its not much but i am out of job no insurance so what am i celebrate tell me and help me . Thanks"

— Qadeer ahmad

"Dr. Kara Long-Roche and Dr. Martee Hensley gave me a second chance to live. I’m doing everything on my bucket list and thriving! "

— Monique

"My youngest brother has cancer. He is 27 now. Diagnosed at 23. I believe his definition of surviving is my kids remembering their uncle. "

— Samantha

"Thanks to Dr. Strong and Dr. Janjigian and the care of MSKCC, I feel like a new person. "

— Mario

"Live life fully, love totally, show gratitude. I'm a survivor of stage zero breast cancer. I'm thankful for the care from MSK, tune into you"

— Mildred

"Appreciating life and not takiny anything for granted! "

— Mona

"I'm a Survivor and it is an HONOR to express my gratitude to the family that donated their baby's umbilical cord, which saved my life. "

— Mildred

"God is great "

— Patricia Castillo-Lovaglio

"Get to spend more quality time with loved ones."

— Charles

"I am majestic."

— Juli

"Surviving from cancer has been giving me a different outlook on life. It made me a more humble person and appreciate life with a new vision."

— Mario

"Survivorship means that ther is life with cancer and after cancer. It means that being s survivor makes you stronger."

— Benjamin

"Survivorship means not to let cancer consume your thoughts, Rob your smile, stop you from helping others who are in need. "

— Madelyn

"Survivorship to me is to appreciate my life everyday!! "

— Josephine

"I have had successful surgery for two different cancers and now have multiple myeloma and appreciate "

— Lorraine

"Life is precious, live it fully, family "

— Mildred

"Life is precious, live it fully, family "

— Mildred

"Life is precious, live it fully, family "

— Mildred

"I learned the true nature of humans, & that it's OK to let go, & move on. It was a cleansing of my being to do so, & I've never looked back."

— Barbara

"I learned the true nature of humans, & that it's OK to let go, & move on. It was a cleansing of my being to do so, & I've never looked back."

— Barbara

"Hope,Love,Faith, prayers,Support and the will not to give up and to fight. Cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence.Fight to survive."

— Patricia

"It means a second chance on life. Time to spend with my kids n family. It's giving myself a do over. "

— Iris

"Survivorship means to me a new beginning we’re I truly appreciate life, love and family.."

— Steve

"Knowing that MSK is there for me when and if I need it assures me of hope.."

— Elayne

"The joy of being able to spend time and develop memories with my children & grandkids I was 25 yrs free. Just returned stage 1 so will B OK "

— Mary Jane

"It means that I am finally awake, 28 years of life later, and will live ALIVE for however long I have! "

— Alexandra

"Survivorship Means Keeping the Faith and finishing the course. "

— Jeff

"I am a survivor as well.... 8 month in remission now . It means that god had mercy of me."

— Anny

"Survivorship means love, time and gratitude. And listening to Bruce Springsteen records!"

— Robert

"I am able to watch my young grandchildren grow up. I am so fortunate for my family, God, and MSK."

— Donald


— test


— test

"Finding my creativity to see the world differently."

— Emily

"Giving me more time to one day wake up next to the love my life"

— William

"It's like walking on the moon. Neil Armstrong knew it was a team effort! “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” is so true. "

— Kimberlie

"Grateful to be alive. Enraged at times because of the damage done, (The cancer, the chemo, the radiation). Faith saved me. Faith will heal."

— Sue

"There are no 140 characters to express the joy of survival 15 years after stage 4 lymphoma diagnosis "

— Ellen

"There are no 140 characters to express the joy of survival"

— Ellen

"Knowing that each healthy day takes me further away from the anxiety and feelings of foreboding that have preoccupied my thoughts. Thanks!"

— Janet

"Having a second change to be able to enjoy the rest of my life Today May 29 2019 i am 70! My sister never had that chance!"

— Eileen

"Lived with, through, and beyond cancer; Taking a second look at life again; seeing loved ones grow & seasons change; Using all of the 24hrs"

— Annette

"Being able to celebrate life thanks to everyone at MSK!"

— Kimber

"I am able to enjoy my life-my grown and talented children, my gifted and beautiful grand children,skiing in the Winter,Cape Cod in the Sumer"

— Stephen

"Being able to have control over my life"

— Veronica

"living life to the fullest "

— Maria

"When I was told that I'm cancer free, I was happy but my fist thought was "for now" I live as a shell of the person I was. I don't kn"

— Tyra linn

"It means, clean slate a second chance."

— Thomas

"had uterine cancer stage1a early detection is key and being pro active in one's own health. finding a good gynocologic oncologist "

— karen

"honoring all"

— David

"Personally survivorship means channeling my inner strength and believing that the mountaintop is reachable. Sincere thanks to Dr Janjigian "

— Cecilia

"Survivorship tells me that my time here on this planet is not over. Tha njigian for her relentless effort to "

— Cecilia

"It means passing on strength to others even when you are not at your strongest"

— Maria

"I’m a stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor for 14 years thanks to MSK. I would not be alive an active (grand)parent &working if not "

— Ivy

"Strength to face the challenges set before you with grace, humility and positivity which is truly admirable by all. "

— Liz

"being strong"

— Brian

"Being able to enjoy life with family and friends. Thank you Dr Guillem and your great staff."

— Genevieve

"Being with family every day, helping others and live the Life thanks to MSK"

— yvet

"staying positive and sharing that energy with others"

— Ron

"Being in love with life. Staying determined, disciplined with treatments, diet, fitness, prayers. Grateful to my loved ones and my MSK team"

— Galina

"Survivorship to me means living my life to the fullest by appreciating what I have in my everyday life including my friends, doctors, nurses"

— Linda

"It means there is no evidence of cancer today and I need to be thNkful for that wonderful new and go on with my "new normal" life. "

— Joan

"How much I appreciate life and not take thing for granted. The support I received from my doctors a d nurses at Sloan is indescribable!!! "

— Raquel

"It means the world to me. To be able to enjoy life and see my family thank-you god and thank- you MSK"

— christine hernandez

"LIFE and MSKCC!!!! I was lucky to be able to participate in a clinical trial. My doctors at SLOAN were the BEST."

— Francine

"It is to say "Good Morning" to Life every morning I wake up being grateful for this new day and make it beautiful all along the day. "

— Corinne

"Squeezing the juice out of each day. No day but today - let's support each other + shine bright!"

— Lauren

"...being able to view life with a different set of eyeglasses"

— Vi

"Survivor means to me a blessing from God, because you have better chance other didn't that a blessing from above God bless mskcc."

— Edith e

"Being a survivor means being able to get up every day knowing that you have been blessed with another day of life. "

— Jordan R Sanger

"It is the will to keep going, not the lack of fear, not that you never feel down, but that you are never alone, and you NEVER give up "

— Cayla

"Believe, Thank you Dr. Castro and your Amazingnteam of Dr’s & nurses. "

— Alan

"It means one more day with my kid's, grandson and family. "

— Iris

"Thanking God for each new day."

— Dorothy

"Seeing the sun every morning."

— Emily

"More life to give love."

— Lani

"I can continue being here for my family, and live my life to the fullest!"

— Susan

"More days to love and enjoy time with my grandsons"

— Kathy

"Being a survivor means that every day is a blessing to be the best you can be and hope for a cure"

— Mitchell

"Survivorship means keeping the hope, keeping the faith, not giving up the struggle. It means to me another chance to appreciate the beauty"

— Linda

"With some planing ahead with my Neoblasser, I can do what I want when I want. Thank You!!"

— William

"Cancer is not a death sentence any more. I receive proper treatment, from a caring, understanding, supportive staff"

— Cheryl

"having faith and moving forward in your life with your loved ones. Never being alone. "

— Henry

"Thanking God for giving me hope for the future."

— Linda

"A chance to give hope to the newly diagnosed patients and others around me. "

— Louise

"Having had 4 cancers in 7 years and still here means I am a survivor 4 times. Definitely getting used to being a survivor."

— Sharon

"God is great and "

— Joseph DiGregorio

"Determined, Unremitting and Relentless!!!"

— Audrey


— Emmanuil

"Surviing from stomach cancer means that I get to spend time with my grand-daughter who was born March 24, 2018 and named after me. "

— Joanne

"Never give up."

— Christopher

"Quality of life"

— Dennis

"A new lease on life with sunny days replacing dark. Cancer has been a scourge in my family. I am thankful to MSK for care, action & support."

— Jerrold

"MSKCC including Dr. Patrick Borgen saved my life in 1992. I have led a full life of family, work, travel and volunteerism. Thank you."

— Patricia Peters

"The will to thrive and persevere in the most challenging times. Despite it all, you are the best!!! "

— Jerry

"Survivorship to me means that there is hope for all the other people who have been stricken with this horrible disease. "

— Elizabeth

"LIFE ! :)"

— Danielle

"Making an impact every day."

— Emily

Four Cancer Survivors Tell Their Stories In Their Own Powerful Words



Cynthia learned what it meant to thrive after cancer and began to channel her experience into creativity.



Surviving cancer helped Valerie find her inner superhero, and it inspired her to write The Pink Hulk — her one-woman play that she tours around the world.



Karl’s experience with a rare cancer showed him how valuable time is, and he learned to take control during his treatment by telling his stories through writing and painting.



Diagnosed at 19, Hadley found opportunity in her treatment. From the start of MSK’s Teen and Young Adult Program to finding her career, she has shaped her life around giving back to this community.