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Frame This... Revelations®

Uncovers the truth of cancer's ruthless assault from the unique perspective of artists who are battling this insidious disease.

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Revelations at Memorial Sloan kettering Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center

Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center

The goal of the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center is to provide direct support for revolutionary new cancer research, with the ultimate goal of making cancer a more manageable, and potentially curable, disease.



To promote EMPATHY for cancer patients and caregivers making the public aware of cancer’s insidious destructive force on the Individual; physically, emotionally and psychologically and to INFLUENCE the need for the public, private industry, and government officials to proactively SUPPORT CANCER RESEARCH in order for the scientific community to find more solutions to save lives … hopefully ending human misery from this despicable disease. The artist is the best vehicle to make this case. Only with “new” research can there be hope … more “new” research saves lives. “Revelations®” will “Frame” the urgency and provide a platform to underscore the necessity for people globally to put greater pressure on private enterprise and government to provide greater funding for cancer research.

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