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Support the MSK FOOD Program

This Thanksgiving, help us build a pantry to provide meals for patients at MSK Nassau.

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Healthy nutrition is essential for anyone with cancer.

It helps to build strength, maintain weight, and fight infection. But some patients in our community lack the resources to buy the food they need to stay strong. In fact, 61% of cancer patients that participate in programs sponsored by MSK's Immigrant Health & Cancer Disparities service (IHCD) don’t have the food they need. 

The FOOD Program

The Food to Overcome Outcome Disparities (FOOD) Program at MSK helps provide nourishing food for patients who need it most. Since 2011, the FOOD Program has distributed more than 240,000 nourishing meals to more than 3,200 unique patients and their families. In 2018 alone, 54,000 meals were distributed.

But there’s still a need for more.

Access to nutritious food is still a source of concern for many financially vulnerable patients and their families. Let's work together to provide patients in need with healthy meals this Thanksgiving and holiday season. 

Help support the FOOD Program to build a pantry at MSK Nassau.

We are grateful for Whole Foods Market’s support of FOOD through their 5% Day this past October.

Help build an MSK FOOD pantry



Funded towards a goal of $50,000