Community Event Details & Agreement

Community Event Details

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event to benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. We are truly grateful.

Please complete and submit this form. We will contact you to discuss your event and its fundraising possibilities. If you have any questions before proceeding, be sure to reference our FAQ.

We look forward to working with you!

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Event Information

Choose “yes” if you have hosted this specific event for MSK in the past.
I agree to abide by MSK's cost of fundraising policy that states that I will spend no more than 20% of total funds raised through my event on expenses.
I agree to abide by my foundation's cost of fundraising for my event.


  • Under no circumstances may an individual involved with an event keep any portion of the proceeds as compensation for their services.
  • "Fundraiser" means the individual or organization holding the fundraiser/event on behalf of MSK. Thus, MSK is not able to take a coordination role in the event planning activities and its officers cannot assist in soliciting prizes, auction items, organizing publicity, or providing goods or services to assist the Fundraiser in the running the fundraiser/event.
  • It is the expectation of Memorial Sloan Kettering that the cost of fundraising—expenses taken from donations raised—for your event will not exceed more than 20% of the total funds raised.
  • Under no circumstances may an event associate itself with a tobacco-related company or product or any other vendor that would not be an appropriate representation of MSK.
  • MSK reserves the right to gratefully acknowledge, but return donations if the means of obtaining the contribution is unlawful (e.g. donations will not be accepted by donors who host gambling events).
  • The use by the Fundraiser of MSK donor databases for mailing purposes is not permitted.
  • The underwriting of any portion of the Fundraiser's expenses by MSK is not permitted.
  • Post-event recaps need to be submitted to MSK for evaluation and future consideration.
  • Event participants wishing to pursue corporate matching gifts from their employers must donate directly to MSK, not through a third party website. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to make the event participants aware of this policy.
  • It is the policy of MSK to acknowledge all contributions, regardless of size, in writing to the contributor. The Fundraiser is responsible for providing names and addresses of donors. Contributors of items for silent auctions or door prizes will receive an in-kind acknowledgment with a full description of the contributed item.

For any questions, call 800-585-4118 or e-mail; otherwise someone will reach out to you within 48 hours of online submission to discuss your event proposal.