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Your Donation Drives Breast Cancer Research Discoveries

At MSK, daring discoveries turn into lifesaving treatments. And those treatments save lives around the world. Our efforts don’t stop in our labs and clinics. They start and continue with you.


Three Ways MSK Is Making a Difference in Breast Cancer Research


Revealing the Secrets of How Breast Cancer Metastasizes
An MSK team has identified pathways that breast cancer uses to spread to other organs like the liver and brain — so one day we may be able to prevent stage IV breast cancer for more patients.


Working to Improve the Quality of Life for People With Breast Cancer
Some side effects threaten a patient’s identity: hair loss, dark lines on fingernails, skin rashes. MSK is studying how to minimize these side effects to help these patients’ sense of well-being.


Closing Care Gaps Around the World
84 percent of Nigerian women have never once had a clinical breast exam. MSK is working with West African partners to dramatically increase early detection in low-income countries.

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