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MSK Center in Harlem Hits Milestone
Early detection is essential to lifting breast cancer survival rates. The MSK Ralph Lauren Center provides free, high-quality care and, as of September 2020, has screened more than 200,000 women for breast cancer. Your donations make progress like this possible.


Metastatic Drug is FDA Approved After MSK Study
When breast cancer spreads, it’s often because of the HER2 protein. Drugs that target HER2 are an important tool for bringing this form of the disease under control. But, most cancers eventually stop responding to HER2 drugs and begin growing again. MSK’s Shanu Modi led the clinical trial resulting in the FDA’s 2019 approval of a new HER2 targeted therapy that promises to extend lives.


Positive News on Triple-Negative Cancer
Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) cannot be treated with the same drugs that work on HER2- or estrogen-driven breast cancers. MSK physician-researcher Linda Vahdat’s team discovered that by depleting copper in the body, TNBC tumors can be robbed of the energy they need to spread.

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