A Grateful Patient Makes MSK a Beneficiary

When George F. Poppe III tells people he is a two-time cancer survivor, they always ask him how he overcame the odds. His answer is simple: faith, a positive mental attitude, and the absolute best medical care he could find.

MSK Planned Giving Donor George F. Poppe III
MSK Planned Giving Donor George F. Poppe III

Twenty years ago, George was first diagnosed with rectal cancer and was told he had a 60 percent chance of surviving. He credits the lifesaving treatment he received at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for his recovery. In 2011, he turned to MSK again and was successfully treated for prostate cancer.

“But it wasn’t just the medicine at MSK that was extraordinary,” George says. He remembers his 75th birthday, which occurred during his treatment at Memorial Hospital. He heard singing in the hallway, and suddenly his team of caregivers descended upon his room with balloons and an ice cream cake. He also recalls his wife sleeping at his bedside during every stay and how she was made to feel welcome by the entire staff.

When George prepared his estate plans, he wanted to do something special to honor the institution and the people who had given him so much. To express gratitude for his wonderful quality of life, along with his ability to work 50 hours a week and travel extensively, he made MSK a beneficiary of his will.

“There are so many patients like me — and families like mine — who have benefited from the exceptional care and research made possible by planned gifts,” George says. “I hope others will consider joining with me to bring new hope to so many.”

At MSK, we gratefully acknowledge donors such as George and their visionary commitment to our future and recognize them as members of the Cullum Society.

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