Employee Engagement

A 2016 study at University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business found that higher levels of corporate giving resulted in higher levels of reported employee satisfaction—and that this effect was magnified both when the beneficiary had broad appeal, and when employees were given the opportunity for hands-on engagement.

MSK is pleased to collaborate with our Corporate Partners to create custom employee engagement opportunities, which make a direct impact on cancer care and research.

MSK Corporate Giving Employee Engagement



MSK Charity of Choice

Make MSK your charity of choice. You can do this with activities as simple as bake sales, a dedicated “Blue Jean Fridays”, inter-office competitions, and more.

Host an Event

Create your own event to boost employee camaraderie and brand visibility in a single gesture—all while raising critical funds for MSK.

Dedicate A Fund

Honor a colleague, or establish generosity as part of your brand, by naming a fund in the area of your choice.

Sponsor A Fellow

Associate your brand with the next generation of scientific leaders. Receive timely updates from your dedicated research fellow at your corporate offices, or via email. We also offer lab visits to animate the progress your support allows.

Corporate Volunteerism

We offer volunteer opportunities for employees to make a firsthand difference.

For more information, please email corporations@mskcc.org, or call 646-227-3518.