Why I Love Being a Chef at MSK

 “Everyday MSK Heroes” is a series celebrating some of the wonderful people who work so hard to make Memorial Sloan Kettering a beacon of care to the world.

My name is Tim Gee and I’m the Executive Chef here at MSK. I’m writing because I want to tell you why I love what I do.

Love is a Naan Grilled Cheese

Visiting patients is important to me. Once, I had a 9 year-old patient, Sofia, who wasn’t eating at all. I told her, “Tell me and I will cook your favorite – anything.” 

She said, “I love naan-bread grilled cheese.” So that’s what I cooked for her: naan, cheese, butter.

You're caught up in the grind - 5,000 meals a day - and then a moment reminds you the people you're serving make all the difference.

 Time Gee,

  MSK Executive Chef

That night, her mother texted me thanking me profusely because it was the first thing her little girl had eaten in days. She’d turned a corner. And the next day, Sofia gave me a homemade card with a drawing captioned “Chef Tim’s yummy grilled cheese.” 

So, that’s why.



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