Create your birthday fundraising page

Ask for donations instead of gifts

We will give you what you need to create an online giving page to make it easy for your guests. Personalize your message and share it with your friends and family to boost your impact on the fight against cancer.

Give to MSK as your party favor

We will send you personalized announcement cards, which you can proudly display during your celebration to tell your friends and family that they are making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Donate and send a birthday ecard

Donate and send an ecard

Help advance cancer research and treatment by donating to MSK in honor of a loved one's birthday.

You can send a personalized ecard to wish them a Happy Birthday and let them know you made a gift on their behalf. Send it now or select the date you want it delivered to their inbox.

If you have questions, call 800-585-4118 or e-mail